Tribute to Jorge Furtado will be followed by world premiere

Tribute to Jorge Furtado will be followed by world premiere

After the awarding of the Eduardo Abelin trophy to Jorge Furtado, the Gramado Festival program will feature the world premiere of the new production by Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre in co-production with Globo Filmes, at an hors concours screening. Virginia and Adelaide has a script written by Jorge Furtado, who shares the direction with Yasmin Thayná.

The feature film narrates, partly in fictional language and partly in documentary language, the meeting between two emblematic women: Virgínia Leone Bicudo and Adelaide Koch. Virgínia was the first person to undergo psychoanalysis and the first trained psychoanalyst in Brazil, as well as one of the first black university professors. Adelaide, a Jewish woman and psychoanalyst trained by a direct disciple of Freud, came to Brazil to escape the Nazi regime in Germany. The two met in August 1937, in São Paulo, and, together, revolutionized the studies of psychoanalysis, opening space for those that came later.

The cast is made up of actresses Gabriela Correa and Sophie Charlotte. The film is produced by Nora Goulart, photography directed by Lívia Pasqual, art directed by Vanessa Rodrigues and Richard Tavares, edited by Giba Assis Brasil and distributed by H2O Filmes.